Engineering Solutions for Steam Locomotives

Owners of Swiss steam locomotives requiring overhauls have several major problems. The boilers are usually historical components, of riveted construction and of unknown condition. How these boilers have been maintained over the years is an open question that no one can answer with certainty.
SRS can always assist. Our engineers are competent to survey, assess and report on the condition of your boiler. We are available to present a practical plan and timeline for repairs. We can provide a budget costings and match your requirements with the best suited engineering company in Grossbritannien.
We are the Swiss company for handling all aspects of repair contracts in dual languages. Our project management skills will provide you with all necessary reports, control of costs, certifications, documentation, independent advice and quality control throughout the project life.
In short: you are informed and in control, we deliver the rest, to your requirements.

Why do we work with providers in the UK?
Simply because that is where, today, the experts are with the daily task of repairing and constructing riveted steam boilers. The UK knowledge base is the best in Europe and we know the best for your situation!

Marketing for Swiss Destinations

In addition to the engineering aspect of our undertaking, we offer marketing skills for Swiss tourist destinations. Due to our size we are able to offer tailor made solutions fitting all budgets.
With over 10 years experience and an active network to the UK primary operators, we are ideal for promoting your destination or product with the market to suit.
There is no Swiss attraction or hotel too small (or large), that we can’t support. Indeed, the more unknown you may be, the better we can help.



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