RhB N°1 “Rhätia"

Built in 1889, Rhätia is the original (first) locomotive that was purchased by the then Landquart - Davos Railway.
This rather attractive steam locomotive, constructed by the SLM has had a rather mixed life and was more than once near to being scrapped.
Due to the right people, making the right decisions, at the right time, she is now being rebuilt ready for her next 130 years!
Swiss Railway Services are rather proud to be the partner involved in returning Rhätia back to her former glory.

More information regarding the project will be posted here shortly.
Additional information is available under the Club 1889 Homepage.


Back in 2016 our initial discussions with the RhB resulted in Stephen Latham and Mike Ellis undertaking a detailed survey of Rhätia’s Boiler.
The results ascertained that restoration was possible and that SRS would be onboard to assist.
This is a project with a high degree of emotion, that is what makes it rather special. This is not just a technical project, it is a ‘people’ project.

This was Rhätia with Stephen in 2016 in the RhB workshops in Landquart.


By 2020 the initial funding for the project was secured. The project could be put out to international tender.
SRS were involved in all the document translation work and also in publicising the project in the UK. SIMAP is not known in the British market.
Once a favourable company was selected a delegation from the RhB travelled over to meet the supplier and discuss the detail of the work.
In September 2021 the RhB delegation successfully concluded the first onsite meeting with the North Norfolk Railway.

Here we have the team on the homeward  trip via London City Airport: L-R Jürg Zeller, Alex Graf, Mike Ellis and Reto Mark.


Things started to move following contract signing at the end of 2021. In December the Boiler was shipped to the North Norfolk Railway prior to removal of the Firebox for detailed appraisal.


Despite the restrictions of COVID this was a year of hard work. Following the removal of the copper firebox a detailed plan was created and this formed the final scope of the project. A second onsite meeting in Weybourne at the NNR set the final project design and costing in motion.
We were confronted with more work but the restoration was defined and the costs known. The final budget was now clear to the sponsors.
The ordering of material could commence, the designs created and the restoration was started.

The second face to face meeting at the North Norfolk Railway workshops in Weybourne took place in May 2022.


During 2023 much work was focused upon design and materials. We were in a situation where materials were in short supply and delivery dates of 39 weeks seemed to be the new norm.
Fabrication work was started where possible and the plans for construction were completed.
At the end of July the first copper arrived!
By December the firebox rear wall was formed up for drilling.


In January 2024 we held our 3rd meeting in Weybourne. Progress was good and we were starting to focus on setting a date for boiler tests and certification.