Brienz Rothorn Bahn N°7

Our first project in 2015, like all new undertakings, was rather much a step into the unknown.
The boiler overhaul for N°7 was long overdue and was seen as impossible to undertake within Switzerland. There are no commercial engineering companies available to work on heritage boilers of riveted construction. Copper fireboxes only add to the complexity.
The sourcing of London & North Western Railway Heritage, in Crewe, England, was a selection made following a review of interested engineering facilities.
Working in close contact was one of the key success factors that enabled the BRB and L&NWRH to complete the project on time and under budget.
N°7 is operating today, thanks to the whole team involved and the motivation they brought with them

N°7 Back in Service

September 2017 saw N°7 running-in and undergoing safety certification tests.